We are environmental engineering student at UEA, in Puyo – Pastaza – Ecuador.

  • Wilson Coba
  • Jaime Castillo
  • Wagner Ambuludi
  • Jhonny Pico
  • Kathy Quinteros
  • Sebastian Huacho

Captura de pantalla 2016-10-28 a las 15.09.15.png


3 Comments Add yours


    I think the use of animals for scientific research is very bad, because the animals are humans and are not inert objects…
    Jaime Castillo


  2. Wagner Ambuludi says:

    I feel sorry for the animals so intensely that I have never engaged in hunting or sport shooting but animal testing was an easy source and often effective treatments to investigate human benefit.


  3. wilson coba says:

    i think that animals should be free and should,nt use for the scientifis study because damage the environmental , in the personal the scientifics should search other alternatives for the human study and can achieve a better future


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