Global warming and its environmental effects

Por Sebastian Huacho

Global warming is a very serious environmental problem that affects more than one area the damage it generates by the effects it produces. There are causes that generate this problem and with a greater contribution to global warming is the man who extracts the natural resources without considering the environmental damages that are provoked. With the passage of time this problem is going to worsen and with this the human being must begin to find solutions for the negative effects that will be generated in the world because of this damage that is enduring the planet earth.


The major sources of man-made greenhouse gases are:

  • The burning of fossil fuels in power generation, transportation, industry and home maintenance.
  • Agriculture and changes in land use such as deforestation
  • Waste disposal
  • Use of fluorinated industrial gases


What are the consequences of global warming?

The main features of climate change are an increase in global average weather (global warming), changes in cloud cover and rainfall on land; The melting of glaciers and layers of ice and the reduced snowfall; And increased ocean temperatures and acidity of the oceans, due to the absorption of sea water from the heat and carbon dioxide of the atmosphere.


The last time climate change was similar to the current one was 125,000 years ago and led to an increase in sea level between 4 and 6 meters (European Environment Agency).

Scientists differ on the accuracy of the overall impact that climate change can have this time; Some say it will bring about major changes in our lives as a result of adaptation to a warmer planet; Others believe it can be catastrophic for the planet.



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